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About Us

Mens Health Adviser is a community for men with information particularly focusing on fitness, health, and style. It was created by Colin Davis in 2013 when he realized that there were very few blogs on the internet for guys to find out about things that concern them. There are millions, if not billions, of blogs for women — so why does that stop there?

Since then, they have 4 part time staff that contribute to Mens Health Adviser, and they are always digging up information on what men really want to read about. Since 2013, the reception has been great. We are all very down-to-earth and we write about things that actually matter to guys.

Our Mission

Your busy life may make it difficult for you to keep a strict gym routine, or to always eat clean. Even dressing yourself in the morning can be a struggle. We can help with that.

Our mission is to make men get off their butt and make for a healthier, happier life. It’s cheesy, but chicks dig it.


If you want to contribute or want to be part of the team, feel free to contact us. We won’t bite!

Our Team


Erica & Kendall | Ian & Luke

4568 Buckhannan Avenue, GUILFORD, IN. 47022